Enhance your vision and strengthen your asset & maintenance activities with a connected geo-spatial view of your department's distribution assets, field infrastructure and work locations.


Whether you call them Work Requests, Citizen Complaints or City Issues, they must all be recorded, tracked and acted upon in a timely and efficient manner to insure satisfaction and demonstrate responsiveness and concern.


Focused on meeting real world needs, MaintStar provides Federal, State, County and City Agencies with a cutting-edge, fully integrated parcel based solution that automates the Regulatory Compliance process. We automate with customizable Citizen Access screens and easy to follow workflows. Record Inspections and update records from the field in real time. Control the Permit and Code Enforcement process with automatic status updates and notifications.


Permits - Licensing - Inspections
Plan Review - Code Enforcement


MaintStar Web-Based Service Request Center


The MaintStar Service Request Center is a versatile and user-configurable web based application that allows work requests to be created and submitted, internally, from within your organization and externally, directly from the public. Once submitted they can be held for review, and if approved, turned into actual Work Orders in the MaintStar System with just 1-Click. Each department served by the system can have individual screens set up with problems, tasks and activities that can specific to their operation.


Designed to serve three categories of users:


Internal: An Internal User would be an actual employee of the organization.  This individual can use the system as a quick and easy way to create work requests.  The Internal User might be a maintenance staff person, from another department or municipal official who needs to request services from the maintenance department.


External: An External User would be an individual from outside the organization who needs to submit a request for service.  In the case of a municipality, an external user would be a citizen from the community. The system will allow an external user to create a user profile and log in, or request services anonymously


Administrative: An Administrative User would be an authorized individual who sets up the MaintStar configuration, controls customization of screens, and manages the rights of internal and external users. The Administrative User can also view, control, and create reports about the actual requests generated in the system.


Each of these groups will have their own security rights and separate, customized Service Request Center screen views.