Since 1984, MaintStar has been making municipal service management easier for cities and counties, state agencies and special districts. Our goal is to deliver a fully integrated enterprise software solution.

Experts in Municipal Asset Management Software

MaintStar’s totally integrated software solutions serve the needs of towns as small as 10,000 and cities and counties with populations that exceed 3 million. Our clients utilize the MaintStar System to enhance efficiency and better manage operations, business services and internal workflows. Since the beginning, the main objective of our municipal asset management software was to deliver a sophisticated, yet intuitive and Easy To Use solution for the everyday technician, or staff member.

We deliver a system that will help avoid business process bottlenecks and help manage workflows more efficiently. Today, our clients boast that MaintStar is the most comprehensive and easiest to use Enterprise Service Management System on the market.
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Strategic Ease of Use 
MaintStar believes it takes more than great features for a good Service Management System to do the job. The most elaborate and sophisticated system will fail miserably if it is not simple to use and well accepted by the everyday users. The MaintStar System is extremely user friendly and our unique ‘1-Click Strategy’ allows users to perform functions that other systems often require multiple screens and actions to accomplish. This aspect is one of the deciding factors when selecting MaintStar as your system of choice for municipal asset management.

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Solid GIS-Integration
GIS Map integration allows for a visual display of all your assets and activities right on the map. Easily locate and display infrastructure, linear assets, work orders, parcels, address points, etc. with the corresponding ability to generate new Work Orders, see issued Permits, and schedule Inspections directly from your maps. The ability to visualize your work on a map makes work easier and GIS Map functionality is always available, in the office or remotely in the field with our new Mobile Work Order app.

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Flexible & Configurable 
Municipal operations are unique and we designed the MaintStar System to be completely flexible and configurable – by the users. It adapts to your processes and the way you do business. Decide on structure, field names and how screens will display. MaintStar also includes its own Custom Report Writer which allows you to create custom reports in minutes. Users can extract the data necessary to create an unlimited number of possible reports and results can be displayed directly onto your GIS maps.