To succeed in today’s rapidly evolving “Do More with Less” municipal environment, the Public Sector needs high-end technology solutions.

These solutions enable managers to better organize, evaluate and develop an accurate understanding of their municipal asset activities and historical data. All it takes is the latest mobile technologies, heavy usage of GIS map integration, and the always available MaintStar System for your connected workforce.

What if you could utilize a single, powerful, enterprise application across your entire municipality? Could it be your “Go to Database” for all asset and equipment information? One that could manage a diverse cross-section of your infrastructure assets from Public Works, Utilities, and Parks and Urban Landscaping, as well as your Fleet Vehicles and all Buildings, Equipment and Facilities? What if it could include total work order management, be accessed from virtually anywhere, and totally integrate with your GIS Maps? Would it work with a Citizen Service Request mobile application and works itself through the entire work process, keeping everyone informed?

Since 1984, MaintStar has been making Asset & Maintenance Management easier for cities, counties, state agencies and special districts, nationwide and across the global.

Specialized Modules
The MaintStar System was developed to assist in the operational aspects of public works departments and utility operations. A specialized suite of modules has been specifically designed and allows for the storage and tracking of distinct information, pertaining to any and all maintained assets. Specialized modules include Streets & Traffic, Water, Wastewater, Storm Water and Parks & Landscape. Each module holds unique and detailed data for all your infrastructure assets such as streets, signs, bridges, water mains, hydrants, culverts, sewer mains, pump stations, fields and courts, playground equipment and more.

1-Click Strategy
The most elaborate and feature-rich system will fail miserably, if it is not simple to use and well accepted by the users. Our distinctive 1-Click Strategy allows for greater system acceptance in real world situations and lowers the overall cost of ownership. Our 1-Click Strategy allows you to perform functions that other systems take multiple screens and actions to accomplish. Our unique Screen Customization provides staff with the ability to create a more conducive working environment. These aspects of the system are features you will appreciate as MaintStar serves your needs well into the future.
Public Works & Utilities
MaintStar works for your specific operational need. MaintStar includes specialized asset modules for particular departments, including Streets & Traffic, Storm Water, Water and Wastewater/Sewer operations. The depth of specificity allows those individual operations to create working environments that are familiar, filled with vital information and conducive to their everyday tasks. Many individual asset categories can be defined. This will allow for faster implementation times and a quicker learning curve for your users. Each specialized module will include asset categories that conform to those in use today.
canstockphoto6730127Parks & Landscaping
MaintStar Parks and Landscape Module is designed to help an agency manage and maintain all assets that are specific to this strategic operation. The System has dedicated Inventory Screens for trees, walkways, fields, swimming pools, irrigation controls, lighting, landscape, etc. You can quickly assign corrective work orders, as well as schedule all your PM tasks. This provides management and staff with a working environment that is both efficient and user friendly. Directly from your GIS map you can view asset details, work orders, and all related work history. Selecting assets on the map allows the instant creation of new work orders.

Work Planning & Budgeting
MaintStar has a unique Work Planning and Budgeting System that is specifically designed for municipalities to track a variety of daily work activities. It allows you to break down large multi-asset projects into easily managed single unit views. It provides the critical information to easily understand the ramifications of scaling up or down, depending on available budgets. This financial tool is designed for mid and upper level management and provides highly refined details. If you are looking for “Activities Based Costing” to be part of your management environment, the MaintStar System can delivers the details you’ll need.
RICO EquipmentParts & Material Inventory
MaintStar follows each part from the time it is purchased to the actual work order when it is used or installed. MaintStar directly links inventory, work orders and receiving transactions together and automatically reserves parts assigned to future work orders when reporting usable inventory levels. We guard against “stock outages” by automatically checking the availability of each part every time a work order is issued. Alerts are generated when preset minimum levels are reached and purchase requisitions can be created. Bar Coding is available for easy data entry and retrieval.

Great Reporting Capabilities
MaintStar includes an extensive group of required reports allowing you to examine key data in a variety of formats. This information allows managers to analyze overall departmental performance from different perspectives. Our own Custom Query Report Writer was developed in-house and is exceptionally easy to use. It allows daily users to create their own highly customized reports and graphs in a number of different ways.

Software Licensing Options
In order to accommodate the changing requirements of municipal agencies nationwide, options for licensing are available. MaintStar offers a Perpetual License option that entitles your agency to purchase the software based on the number of needed concurrent users. There is an annual support fee that includes all necessary technical support and access to all software updates, upgrades and new versions that become available.


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