Focused on meeting real world needs, more and more agencies are looking for cutting-edge, fully integrated enterprise solutions.

MaintStar’s Land Management Systems offer a suite of products designed specifically for municipalities to facilitate communication between governments and citizens. This integrated design offers agencies an ‘all-inclusive connection’ between cities, counties, states, building departments, and their communities. It provides a complete solution for automating critical tasks associated with permitting, land development and planning, inspections, code enforcement and licensing.

MaintStar is 100% web-based and designed with the latest .NET technology. MaintStar supports both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Its open architecture enables it to interface with a multitude of systems including financial, document management, reporting, cashiering, interactive voice response, tax divisions and more. Its centralized database allows information to be shared across departments while improving communication between agency offices and field staff, the public, businesses, and other constituents. MaintStar uses a single interface to access and manage enterprise data and is available as premises based or as a Cloud Hosted, SaaS solution.

MaintStar’s web-based system simplifies and streamlines the permitting process from application intake through project completion. MaintStar’s Permits & Inspections assist with the accurate recording and tracking of permit data for residential and commercial developments to manage important operational areas such as plan reviews, inspections and scheduling. MaintStar’s permitting and inspection module is seamlessly integrated with our Asset & Maintenance Management System for Public Works.
2code-enforcement-divisionCode Enforcement
MaintStar’s web-based code enforcement system completely automates the process of opening cases, scheduling inspections, recording violations and coordinating resolutions. Property ownership, inspection results, photos, notices, violations and notes become an electronic record of each case. MaintStar maintains a history of activities for quick and easy reference. When your job takes you in the field, MaintStar Mobile offers an efficient solution that gives you complete and easy remote access to your data.

MaintStar issues and tracks an unlimited number of user defined environmental license types, including businesses, facilities and many other types of licenses. The system can be specifically customized to the agency’s needs with easy-to-configure user screens. Fees can be set up, along with renewal notices. Notices can be set up for automation based on license type.
GIS Integration
MaintStar supports ArcGIS Server by ESRI and has tight integration with other GIS mapping tools. The solution comes standard with Google or Bing Maps so even agencies without GIS can take advantage of spatial data. Users may view geographic representations of information associated with a parcel, permit, inspection, plan, asset, work order, or service request.

Cash & Financial Management
MaintStar has an integrated cashiering system that works in combination with its built-in invoicing program. Deposit activities can be conveniently tracked. Cash, checks or credit card payments can be applied to customer’s accounts. MaintStar allows agency’s to enter their general ledger account codes and  create daily batches that can be automatically posted to the general ledger.

Customer Portal
The MaintStar Customer Portal offers a cost-effective way to move traditional “walk-in” services to the Internet. Its Customer Portal integrates with an agency’s existing website to provide the Public with a seamless user experience. This online Portal provides many vital services which can also be accessed via Android and Apple devices such as Smartphone and Tablets.


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