Many municipalities are now using the latest cutting edge technology to raise the level of customer service delivered to their communities.

If your community is one of the best places to live and work, a strong level of civic engagement and customer service need to be a major strategy. Can new technologies help you reach those goals?

The MaintStar approach can put you front and center without all the IT hassle. MaintStar offers smartphone apps and Citizen Engagement tools that bring an increased level of customer service to many of your Service Management operations. These offerings require less manpower, less supervision and less expense than your current set-up.

MaintStar provides a totally integrated solution that can address a myriad of service positions you currently staff today and feed the results directly into your workflow process. The Mobile Citizen App and our Community Portal are just two examples of how technology can take you to the next level.
graphic of customer service reps

Service Request Center
When citizens feel connected to their city leaders and their service staffs, they will engage and demand municipalities nationwide to be ready to respond. New technologies are available that can help automate this labor intensive process. Our Service Request Center can be set up on your website, where citizens can alert you to street light outages, graffiti, potholes, fallen trees and other public service needs. The requests can be automatically routed to the correct department, operation and supervisor.The Request Center is totally integrated into our Work Order process, eliminating many workflow steps, enabling you to work faster and greatly increasing your citizen satisfaction.

Mobile Citizen
The MaintStar Mobile Citizen App is all about connecting with your citizens. A few clicks from a citizen’s smartphone and staff can be alerted to new service opportunities. Our distinctive “1-Click Strategy” is at its best, where the request can include the service operation, problem description, picture and GPS location. The request will be immediate and so can your response, as it filters its way through our system in seconds. It’s really that simple! The MaintStar App will allow municipalities to better connect with their citizens and allow them to quickly notify the proper department of recent incidents or potential problem conditions anywhere in the community.

Approved stamp - permits and licensing

Permits & Licensing
Our Community Development Portal allows citizens to apply for building permits and licenses, and schedule inspections online while making electronic payments anytime, 24/7, and with no staff interaction. It becomes a great way to maximize the service experience and connect with clients. It can become an indispensable technology tool for contractors and builders, while keeping your offices and lobby clear. The Portal feeds directly into our Community & Land Development System and allows for real time communication and updates with  better departmental management. The many standard & custom reports are clear, concise and can be graphed for presentation.