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Public Works Enterprise Asset Management (EAMS)

man working on pipes of water treatment plant

Public Works Enterprise Asset Management (EAMS)

Innovative Asset Management is an important key to becoming a SMART City. MaintStar’s Public Works Municipal and Enterprise Asset Management Software moves you from Good to Great!

In today’s rapidly evolving “Do more with Less” municipal environments, the Public Sector needs high-end technology solutions. With MaintStar’s Public Works Municipal Asset Management Software you’re better organized to manage assets, track work, and spend smarter. What if you could have…

  • Uninterruptible services
  • Community safety
  • Budget attainment

Much of today’s asset management software only tracks work orders. Comprehensive analysis and sophisticated software are our crucial difference, allowing:

  • Work planning/budgeting
  • Capital budgets projection
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Seamlessly link to MaintStar's Land Management Software (LMS)

Our “Easy-to-Use” Asset and Maintenance Management cloud-based permitting software system solutions are the first step on your journey to a better community.