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parked fleet of trucks managed by MaintStar fleet and asset management software


Your Goal: A Safe, Well Maintained Vehicle Fleet
Fleet vehicles are always on the road—they’re highly utilized, continually moving and often shared between large teams. It’s critical that vehicles are safe and well maintained, so they can serve your citizens, use shared roadways and do their jobs. That means managing your fleet properly and following a methodical schedule of preventive maintenance to keep them operating at their best.

Your Challenge: Overcoming Costly Repairs
When fleet vehicles break down unexpectedly, on-demand repairs can be incredibly expensive. A breakdown also means your vehicles are out of commission and not available when needed. Timely preventive maintenance to avoid vehicle failure is a much smarter plan, but it requires the right fleet management software to ensure your maintenance tasks stay on track.

All the Tracking You Need—All in One Place.
Smart, real-time software that can manage all of your fleet vehicles is the simplest and best way to optimize your resources and stay one step ahead. With MaintStar Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAMS), your staff can strategically manage all of your vehicles, budgets and costs through data-driven insights. And they can do it all in one modular platform that’s extremely easy to use.

  • Real-time reporting: Helps you track the cost of fleet maintenance and/or justify equipment replacement. Pre-built reports help you track recalls, motor pools, fuel efficiency and a variety of other fleet metrics.
  • Customized reports and work orders: Enables you to customize reports and work orders with fields that are important to you. 
  • Masterful fleet management: Easily manage and track vehicle registration renewals, recalls, warranties, inventory controls, tire performance, internal billing (by department), depreciation, driver information, equipment transfers and vehicle disposal.
  • Better preparation: Automated software helps keep fleet maintenance up to date, helping you avoid risks of vehicle failure.  
  • Drives community satisfaction: Helps maintain a high level of employee efficiency and community satisfaction. 
  • Proactive planning: At-a-glance reports help you stay on top of vehicle maintenance issues before they become problems.
  • Fleet maintenance: Increases efficiency managing important work orders and inspections to keep vehicle maintenance tasks on track. 
  • Tracks progress: Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard provides a visual overview of user-defined key metrics—keeping important work front and center.
  • GIS & Fuel System interface: Our GIS interface works with your tracking systems to locate vehicles on a map, enabling easy monitoring and fast work assignments. We also interface with your fuel systems to track mileage and fuel efficiencies.
  • Mobile reporting: Employees can use their mobile device to check status and update work orders from the field.
  • View asset history at a glance: Track reports, work in progress, maintenance schedules and expenditures.  

Software Highlights: Customized Fleet Management Dashboard and Reports

Managing your fleet vehicles is faster and easier with our EAMS software, which features: 

  • Customized reports: You can easily customize fields in the software, enabling you to optimize your reporting.
  • Management dashboard: Our easy-to-use dashboard helps you visualize preventative maintenance schedules and other important tasks to run your fleet operations.