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Fresh Water


Your Challenge: Eliminating the Threat of Contamination
The enemy of clean water is contamination. Effective planning and asset maintenance can help you document testing, prove compliance and stay one step ahead of costly issues and lawsuits. You need: 

  • Real-time insight to prompt immediate action
  • Accurate reporting of potential contamination
  • Mobile data options to view emergencies in the field
  • Automatic alerts to avoid negative events
  • Tools to efficiently manage water production facilities, including critical pump stations
  • Easy documentation of all testing and preventative maintenance
  • Quick ways to generate compliance reporting
  • Interface with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) to monitor assets, valves and pumps in real time
  • A cost-effective way to stay on top of your service requests 


Your Goal: Clean, Safe Drinking Water
Every community needs to know their drinking water is clean and safe. In fact, clean drinking water is essential for increasing your city’s reputation as a safe place to live, and for attracting new residents to increase revenue.

Clean drinking water is also highly regulated—and very much in the public eye. Your local water must meet all environmental standards to ensure citizen safety and avoid catastrophic incidents. By proactively monitoring and managing your water assets, you can keep your city in compliance, in favor with your citizens (and also out of the news). 


All the Asset Tracking You Need—All in One Place.
Smart, real-time software that can manage your entire water asset landscape is the simplest and best way to optimize your resources and stay one step ahead. With MaintStar Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAMS), your staff can strategically manage all of your water assets, budgets and costs through data-driven insights. Our software can expand to other departments over time and is extremely easy to use. Managing water assets is faster and easier with our EAMS software, which features: 


  • KPI Dashboard: Provides an excellent overview of real-time data, configurable to your desired metrics, plus guidance for action planning. 
  • Mobile-friendly productivity: Perform inspections, upload photos and more from the field. Gain the ability to work in offline mode, and upload data once back online. 
  • Manage compliance: Real-time data and robust tracking software helps you comply with environmental standards and provides reporting to environmental agencies in a rapidly changing regulatory environment.
  • Manage critical infrastructure: Increases efficiency managing critical pump stations, which are costly to maintain. 
  • GIS centric: View GIS data, aerial imagery, asset location information and online web maps with ease—while only maintaining one database.
  • Automatic notifications: Changes to asset status trigger automatic alerts.
  • Drives community satisfaction: Helps maintain a high level of service to your citizens. 
  • Modular and scalable: Deploys in phases—meeting your needs today, with room to grow tomorrow.
  • Supports capital expenditures and budgeting: Helps you create a budget and justify funding requests backed by true data—including critical metrics and asset ratings (e.g., asset age, safety risks, liability in case of failure).
  • Drives efficiency: Enables full electronic processing to improve asset uptime and availability in water production plants. 
  • Eliminates bottlenecks: Bypasses manual processes and paperwork to complete tasks faster and with more accuracy.
  • View asset history at a glance: Track reports, work in progress, inspections and expenditures. 
  • Water Module: With built-in fields for water assets, this module helps you efficiently manage assets such as water production facilities—including your critical and costly pump stations—and makes it easy to forecast many years of budget planning. It also generates customizable, graphic-driven justification reports to present to management and city councils.