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Your Goal: Proactive Facilities Maintenance
Safe and comfortable working environments are crucial for your employees and citizens. That means maintaining your city and community buildings properly and following a methodical schedule of preventive maintenance to keep your facilities operating at their best.

Your Challenge: Overcoming Costly Repairs
When facility equipment breaks unexpectedly (like generators, heaters and HVAC), reactive maintenance is incredibly expensive. It often includes overtime pay, the cost of parts, and expedited shipping (assuming parts are readily available). Timely preventive maintenance to avoid equipment failure is a much smarter plan, but it requires the right facilities management software to ensure your maintenance tasks stay on track.

All the Tracking You Need—All in One Place.
Smart, real-time software that can manage all of your facilities maintenance is the simplest and best way to optimize your resources and stay one step ahead. With MaintStar Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAMS), your staff can strategically manage all of your building assets, budgets and costs through data-driven insights. And they can do it all in one modular platform that’s extremely easy to use.

  • Better preparation: Automated software helps keep park maintenance up to date, helping you avoid risks of equipment failure.  
  • Real-time reporting: Helps you track the cost of building maintenance and/or justify equipment replacement. 
  • Proactive planning: At-a-glance reports help you stay on top of equipment maintenance issues before they become problems.
  • Infrastructure management: Increases efficiency managing important work orders to keep equipment maintenance tasks on track. 
  • Tracks progress: Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard provides a visual overview of user-defined key metrics—keeping important work front and center.
  • Drives community satisfaction: Helps maintain a high level of employee efficiency and community satisfaction. 
  • Mobile reporting: Employees can use their mobile device to alert administration about non-working air conditioning in a conference room. Automatic submission of work requests streamlines the process and quick approval of a work request.
  • Drives efficiency: Enables full electronic processing of asset management and public works operations.  
  • View asset history at a glance: Track reports, work in progress, inspections and expenditures.  
  • Smart interface: Features the ability to interact with property and space management, as well as fire and other types of inspection tracking. Facility management module also interacts with 3D auticad images.

Software Highlights: Asset Lifecycle Module & Facility Asset Tree

Managing facilities is faster and easier with our EAMS software, which features: 

  • Asset Lifecycle Maintenance Module: This tool tracks capital expenditures and remaining life of your facility assets. You always have critical data on hand to help with maintenance planning or make important repair vs. replacement decisions. 
  • Facility Asset Tree: Provides visualization of the “parent” and “child” relationships of your facility assets (e.g., buildings, to generators and HVAC assets). This provides better organization, planning and decision-making.