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colorful aerial map of city

Land and Asset Management with GIS Integration

What a relief to know the location and condition of your assets right when you need it! See patterns, trends, and relationships that are important to your organization.

It just makes sense to identify potential problems before they happen. With Geographic Information Systems (GIS) you can locate your asset and see its condition visually. When using GIS for Land Management, you can access critical geographic data instantly. Turn data into information and information into insight!

Possible Data layers:

  • Population
  • Streets, signs, and sidewalks
  • Location of specific buildings
  • Utilities
  • Other assets
  • Parcels
  • Addresses
  • Flood zones
  • Other zoning information

Information from GIS mapping can help you:

  • View asset ratings and costs
  • Identify preventive maintenance
  • Conduct Closed Circuit (CC TV) inspections
  • Determine locations of potential infrastructure risks
  • View permits & code enforcement cases
  • View inspections
  • Manage historical areas
  • Map new subdivisions
  • Visualize other critical data

GIS mapping can be accessed from any location or mobile device.