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Citizen Portal

construction worker useing citizen portal app, feature of our Land Management Software

Citizen Portal

Your Goal: Easy and Effective Citizen Support
In today’s world, smart online tools can go a long way toward saving time, driving efficiency and ensuring citizen satisfaction. Community members and contractors must frequently request permits, schedule inspections, renew licenses and check status of requests. Your job is to make those processes as quick, easy and efficient as possible. 

Your Challenge: Eliminating In-Person Visits and Phone Calls
With an online citizen portal, you can eliminate the need for time-consuming phone calls or in-person visits to make inquiries, renew licenses or file documents. Best yet, it offers a streamlined experience that optimizes resources and speeds the revenue—making the portal both convenient and cost-effective. 

How does it work? Using a computer or mobile device, people can manage important tasks any time, from anywhere. They can: 

  • Submit code enforcement requests (e.g., weeds, junk cars)
  • Request permits online
  • Report incidents
  • Request or renew business licenses
  • Schedule and track inspections
  • View project status
  • Submit contractor credentials online
  • Make online payments
  • Speed communication
  • Reduce in-person visits and phone calls
  • Improve citizen and contractor satisfaction

All the Convenience You Need—All in One Place.
A smart, online citizen portal that can streamline communication and manage multiple administrative tasks is the simplest and best way to optimize your resources and stay one step ahead. 

Our Citizen Portal is an important feature of our Land Management Software (LMS)—a powerful workflow engine that automates complex tasks and serves as your all-in-one software platform to streamline building, planning and development services. It’s also a critical facet of our Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAMS), our cloud-based tracking platform that helps your staff strategically manage all of your assets, budgets and costs through data-driven insights. 

  • Eliminates bottlenecks: Tasks get done faster, with more accuracy—across all your functions and departments.
  • Promotes visibility: State-of-the-art workflow allows your entire staff to visually see what stage each task is in. Staff members don’t waste time revisiting the workflow.
  • Drives profitability: Helps state and local government agencies boost productivity and increase revenues.  
  • Customizable fields: Fields are customizable for building projects, which adds specificity and ease-of-use. 
  • Modular and scalable: Addresses your needs today, with room to grow tomorrow.
  • Mobile-friendly productivity: Field personnel can stay productive in the field.
  • Promotes citizen engagement: Builders, contractors and citizens can easily enter requests and track progress in the online portal – no need to call or come in.

Citizen Portal Highlights: Responsive Workflow and Dashboard

Managing citizen and contractor requests is faster and easier with our Citizen Portal, which features: 

  • Responsive Workflow: MaintStar has taken great pains to ensure the portal is modern, intuitive, responsive and easy to use. It has full functionality to manage numerous tasks, and includes email and phone support for any user issues.
  • Dashboard Visibility: The portal’s real-time dashboard gives citizens and staff members full visibility into the status of all requests and activities.