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Citizen Engagement

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Citizen Engagement

Create a sense of empowerment by encouraging citizens to participate in their community.

Citizen Engagement

In today’s world, everyone wants to live in a beautiful community full of wonderful places to live, work, and play. Community leaders and citizens can work together towards this goal with the help of MaintStar’s Mobile Citizen App and Citizen Portals.

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Mobile Citizen App

The Mobile Citizen APP is about you connecting with your citizens. When a member of the community sees a problem, they have the perfect tool to bring it to your attention. Anyone can use their personal smartphone to report issues such as:

Report issues such as:

  • Graffiti
  • Potholes
  • Leaking hydrant
  • Damaged streets or signs

Mobile Citizen captures:

  • Issues
  • Images
  • GPS locations

The reporting citizen is automatically notified of each step in the process. They’ll love the feeling of empowerment they get from making a real contribution to their community!

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MaintStar’s Customer Portal

Setting up a Customer Portal offers a cost-effective way to move traditional “walk-in” services to the Internet.  Forget about:

  • Unnecessary trips
  • Delays
  • Standing in line

The Customer Portal integrates with an agency’s existing website to provide the Public with a seamless user experience.

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