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Building Permits

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Building Permits

Your Goal: Effective, Automated Building Permit Issuing and Tracking
New building construction and renovations are vital components of every city’s economy. They’re also critical to ensuring the welfare and safety of citizens. 

That’s why building permits are so essential for a well-run community. They set standards to help ensure every building stays within regulation and code—making sure no one gets hurt and people are safe. New building projects also enhance property values over time and maintain a steady stream of revenues. 

Your Challenge: Eliminating Bottlenecks in Efficiency
While building permits are necessary, their multi-phase process can be a major roadblock to efficiency. Community Development is key to many municipalities; but demands on city and county governments have increased dramatically in recent years. Without an automated way to view permits, track progress and provide updates, your staff can easily be inundated with requests, which can delay permits, postpone building projects and defer revenue.

To optimize efficiency, you need building permit management software that can view and track all building permits from beginning to end. The right cloud-based building permit software can: 

  • Display manageable data that can be easily integrated into daily activities
  • Eliminate costly project delays
  • Remove barriers to progress
  • Reduce duplicative work
  • Accelerate communication and enforcement
  • Improve citizen and contractor satisfaction by reducing wait times with our online citizen portal
  • Maintain ongoing revenues

All the Tracking You Need—All in One Place.
Cloud-based building permit software can manage your entire process in the simplest way, in order to optimize your resources and stay one step ahead. 

MaintStar’s Land Management Software (LMS) is a powerful workflow engine that automates complex tasks—serving as your all-in-one software platform to streamline building, planning and development services. From intake to output, MaintStar LMS tracks all the activities and informs all parties. It also interfaces with your in-house operations, such as accounting, tax assessment, public works and utilities, via automated notifications. And it’s all updated in real-time and easily managed from dashboards—making it one of the simplest software platforms you’ll ever use.

  •  Building Permit Workflow: With a dynamic workflow for building permits, staff members can visualize where items are in the process. We deliver more power to streamline permit efficiency from beginning to end.
  • Eliminates bottlenecks: Tasks get done faster, with more accuracy—across all your functions and departments.
  • Promotes visibility: State-of-the-art workflow allows your entire staff to visually see what stage each building permit is in. They don’t waste time revisiting the workflow.
  • Software Integration: Our community development software interfaces with your software, such as your GIS interface for parcel management and your Assessors database for fee schedules.
  • Drives profitability: Helps state and local government agencies boost productivity and increase revenues.  
  • Customizable fields: Fields are customizable for building projects, which adds specificity and ease-of-use. 
  • Modular and scalable: Addresses your needs today, with room to grow tomorrow.
  • Mobile-friendly productivity: Field personnel can stay productive in the field. Gain the ability to work in offline mode, and upload data once back online. 
  • Promotes citizen engagement: Builders, contractors and citizens can easily enter requests and track progress in the online portal – no need to call or come in.
  • Besides building permits: MaintStar’s cloud-based building permit software also handles Public Works (PW) permits, environmental permits, engineering permits, health and safety permits, and fire and police permits. 

Software Highlights: Building Permit Workflow

Managing building permits is faster and easier with our LMS software, which features: 

  • Building Permit Workflow: With a dynamic workflow for building permits, staff members can visualize where items are in the process. Most competitive software doesn’t have a sophisticated workflow like ours—which delivers more power to streamline permit efficiency from A to Z.