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Your Goal: Safe Parks and Citizen Enjoyment
Your citizens expect and deserve safe parks and recreation facilities. You want to provide fully operational and environmentally friendly parks and spaces for everyone to use and love. So keeping your city parks inviting, functional and beautiful is a top priority.  

Your Challenge: Poor Visibility and Tracking
Without proper management of parks and recreation areas, your community can suffer. You run the risk of children getting hurt in playgrounds, overgrown foliage causing fire hazards, or complaints about sub-par pools, gyms, restrooms and rental spaces. Without data-driven insights, it can be tough to know what maintenance needs to be done when.

To optimize efficiency, you need park management software that provides a methodical way to manage it all and keep you in the driver’s seat. 

All the Tracking You Need—All in One Place.
Smart, real-time software that can manage all of your park assets is the simplest and best way to optimize your resources and stay one step ahead. With MaintStar Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAMS), your staff can strategically manage all of your park assets, budgets and costs through data-driven insights. And they can do it all in one modular platform that’s extremely easy to use and can expand to other departments over time.

  • Better preparation: Automated software helps keep park maintenance up to date, helping you avoid risks and keep citizens happy.  
  • Real-time reporting: Helps you track the cost of park maintenance and/or justify asset replacement.
  • Infrastructure management: Increases efficiency managing important work orders to keep park maintenance tasks on track. 
  • Geographical Information System (GIS): View GIS data, aerial park imagery, asset location information and online web maps with ease—while only maintaining one database. Track asset locations and easily create work orders from the map.
  • Mobile-friendly productivity: Perform inspections, upload photos and more from the field. 
  • Software coordination: MaintStar software integrates with other software, like Arborist Software to manage maintenance of trees and shrubs. 
  • Tracks progress: Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard provides a visual overview of user-defined key metrics—keeping important work front and center.
  • Promotes citizen engagement: Citizens can easily enter notifications and track progress of repairs in the online portal – no need to call or come in.
  • Drives community satisfaction: Helps maintain a high level of citizen satisfaction. 
  • Drives efficiency: Enables full electronic processing of asset management and public works operations.  
  • View asset history at a glance: Track reports, work in progress, inspections and expenditures.  

Software Highlight: Parks Module

Managing park assets is faster and easier with our EAMS software, which features: 

  • Parks Module: Specifically designed for parks and recreational areas, this module includes preloaded assets with fields built for park management. It’s customizable and easy to use, which improves long-term productivity and usefulness.