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Success Story: Public Works Asset Management Software


The customer is a municipality in the greater Los Angeles area, incorporated in 1964, that has developed into one of the premier communities in California. Nearly 600 employees service more than 125,000 residents living in a 55 square-mile area. The management area includes 387 miles of streets, 503 miles of wastewater collection mains, 6,500 manholes, sixteen reservoir storage facilities, fifteen pump stations, and two groundwater wells.

Their solution had to be comprehensive and Easy-to-Use


The municipality needed to improve fiscal responsibility by achieving maintenance and service goals while spending less. The solution had to be comprehensive and the interface had to be easy to use for every type of interaction. From tracking service reports and work orders, to facilitating plans for existing or new infrastructure, they needed a system to streamline public works asset maintenance and to improve cost efficiency. Cutting costs had to be accompanied by better work flow and excellence in outcomes.


MaintStar’s experts conducted a thorough analysis of the city’s operation and made recommendations, showing them how obstacles to efficiency and quality could be removed from current procedures. MaintStar’s extensive assessment included every aspect of the operation. MaintStar’s Cloud-based Public Works Asset Management Software provided clear, template-based maintenance that is comprehensive and easy to use, resulting in:

  • Lowered Costs
  • Decreased Service Interruptions
  • Lengthened Asset Life Cycles
  • Improvements in Budgeting and Planning

A Geographic Information System (GIS) was linked with MaintStar, providing:

  • Extensive, easily accessible visualization of assets
  • Rapid creation of work orders directly from maps
  • Improvement of overall time and efficiency from reporting of issues through job completion

MaintStar is cloud-based public works assets management software, meaning:

  • The user now finds descriptions and summaries of every project in one location.
  • Managers handle budgets, examine funding sources, create narratives and projects, attach images, and more, all through the cloud.
  • Departments integrate projects within the system.
  • Reports are now readily available to publish for public viewing.
  • Patches, fixes, and updates are installed and maintained by MaintStar, allowing the user to concentrate on their objectives.
  • The customer has freed up their limited IT budget—hardware and personnel— to apply to higher value areas.

The easy-to-use software led to happier, more engaged workers. This had a major benefit as daily operations became smoother, leading to an increase in worker satisfaction and an improved work environment. This is expected to benefit everything from efficiency and quality to the bottom line.

MaintStar’s Public Works Asset Software has given the municipality a greater framework from which to track and maintain assets. With this structure, the officials can remain proactive in public works management as the municipality continues to grow as not only a premier community, but a community of the future.