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Municipality Customer: Greater Los Angeles, CA


This municipality had nearly 600 employees who serviced more than 125,000 citizens spread over an area of 55 square miles. Incorporated in 1964, it has developed into one of the premiere communities in California.

Their solution had to be comprehensive and Easy-to-Use

Main Issue

It was crucial to improve their fiscal responsibility and “do more with less.” Their management covered 387 miles of streets, 503 miles of wastewater collection mains, 6,500 manholes, 16 reservoir storage, facilities, 15 pump stations and two groundwater wells. Their solution had to be comprehensive and “Easy-to-Use.”


MaintStar’s solutions resulted in lower operating costs, lengthened asset lifecycles, and decreased service interruptions. GIS linked with MaintStar meant extensive and easy visualization of assets and rapid creation of work orders directly from their maps. Overall, budgeting and planning showed further improvements. More engaged and happy workers was an unexpected, but welcome, benefit.