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Land Management System Software: A Village in Illinois


This Village was Incorporated in 1893 and is a southern suburb of Chicago with over 29,000 citizens. It now boasts a total area of 6,848 square miles and has developed into one of the leading communities in Illinois.


A paperless operation became a reality.

Main Issue

The Village combines both Community Development and public operations. They had some definite goals in mind.

  1. Go paperless for permitting and licensing.
  2. Update field inspections and code violations with the use of modern mobile technologies.
  3. Have an integrated Land Management System Software (LMS) compatible with Microsoft Office.

They wanted to use Microsoft Exchange and a Permitting system allowing field inspectors to see daily work routines and schedules. Also, staff needed to handle ever-increasing workloads in their rapidly growing community.


MaintStar’s Land Management System Software (LMS) was perfect for this Village, integrating smoothly into existing Microsoft Office and other systems! By providing a fully web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) and running on Microsoft SQL, a paperless operation became a reality.  Allowing citizen visibility into Community Development created outstanding citizen engagement. The Village benefitted with a fast, successful roll-out and community-wide acceptance!